Monday, August 5, 2013

What Makes My Garden Grow ...

This is definitely not the best year for my flower garden.  With days of heavy rain early in the season the weeds got a foothold and are doing very well thank you.  In fact we have declared the weeds the winner in most of our gardens.  Why not, at this point the weeds have invaded like an alien force in a bad, or good, SciFi movie.   In the world of SciFi good and bad are sometimes synonymous.

But there is good news too.  Volunteer flowers.  These guys are annuals grown from seed that cannot survive a cold winter.  Isn't nature great !! They bypassed their 'annual' and 'not winter hardy labels' and popped up on their own.  They don't care - they just want to GROW!

The Dwarf Cosmos seeds from WildSeed Farm in Texas.
I plant orange and a few in yellow.  Love these flowers and I
plant them every year from seed - except this year.

Psycho White Cosmos also volunteered this year.  I had
not planted seeds for this in 2 years.  This flower is
gorgeous - the pic does not do it justice.

Close up of Orange Cosmos.  If you scroll through my
blog you will see many pics of cosmos.

Half yellow and half orange.  No one is going to tell this
flower what color it is !

Another orange cosmos

Yellow cosmos and friend

Seeds are a great inexpensive way to fill your yard with color.  They do take time to sprout, grow and bloom but they are worth the wait. Especially flowers like these cosmos. With no work involved they will remain in bloom until frost.

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Becky said...

Gorgeous flowers. I find myself constantly wishing I had more time for my garden.

J'Etana de Gaia said...

I love your cosmos! Such great color and cheerful aspect. They don't do well in the low desert, but I have zinnias and tithonias (Mexican sunflowers, pure orange) that volunteer every year, often in unexpected places. And carrots, parsley, sweet 100 tomato volunteers everywhere, plants moving around at will and germinating at their perfect time. (Yay, less work for the gardener!)

Cara said...

Oh my gosh, cosmos! I got a packet of cosmo seeds at the Dollar Store one year, tossed them in my garden like a dope, and they grew like weeds! I had to start pulling them out because they were taking over, hahaha, even trying to grow across a concrete walkway! They are pretty but wowww I don't think I will plant them again after that. haha :D Yours are so pretty though!!!