Sunday, August 4, 2013

Art Supplies ...

Who doesn't like art supplies?  There is no better shopping experience than browsing the aisles and finding the perfect new toy. I also hoard collect of all kinds of art supplies and there are some in my collection that have not been used at all. Pencils, pens, paper and especially paint.

This hoarding collecting has to end - the art supplies need to be used so I can buy more there will be more space in my working area.  Why I don't use more of my supplies is a mystery to me.  It is not as if they are so expensive and therefore too good to use; some are down right cheap.  After thinking about this for a while, I decided maybe it is because I just like the familiarity of the items I do use; I know how they will look, I know what to expect.  Ok, so how do I get past this pitfall?

I grabbed one of my many inexpensive thin paper journals and decided to sample all of my supplies especially those I don't use.  Maybe this will lead to using them more and it is a great way to handle and use your art supplies after a long day at work.

This is the journal I am using. I have since
collaged the cover, but this is the basic
journal.  The paper is maybe 90 lbs.

I began with the pencil sets I bought at Ben Franklin.  I have used these but they are not my go to pencils. Notice they are all sets...I loooove sets.  It never occurred to me I would be sharing this with anyone - I did this for my own use.  Sorry about the mess!! :-)

Fantasia Pitch Black Sketch Set:

I love these pencils - they are smooth and slide easily across the
paper.  They are also inexpensive - bonus!!

I have to admit, the art work on the boxes of all
these sets really appealed to me and probably
contributed to why I purchased these .  

The next set is the Fantasia Earth Tones Sketch Set:

The same sketching pencils are in each set.  I love these pastel pencils.
Love the color and they are again very smooth.  There is also a white pastel
pencil that I used to highlight a portion of the samples.

There is also a description of the pencils as
well as tips on using the pencils on the back
of the box.  Don't you love this fox?

The third Fantasia set I have is this one - Grey Tones Sketch Set:

Some of the greys surprise me - like the blue grey - because I
con't see this as a grey at all.  This also has a white
pencil, as well as sketching pencils

These sets were only 8$8.99 - not bad !

In case you are wondering, I do not in any way work for nor am I paid by Fantasia.  In my own way 
I am just trying to use all the supplies I have.  I have more pencils sets and will talk about those in the 
coming days.  Then on to my watercolor sets.  

Thanks for stopping by  !!!


CiNdYe said...

Thanks for writing about this, Lois! I think most artists have this same infliction to some degree ... I know I do!! Great idea to get them out and see where it leads. I did that today, too, with Twinkling H2Os. Had to have them, bought them 6-8 months ago, and just used them today for the first time ... and LOVED them! I will definitely be paying closer attention to these pencil sets the next time I have the opportunity to get to Ben Franklin. ;-)

Lois0607 said...

Thanks CiNdYe - now I am going to have to look for the Twinkling waters. :-) I love watercolor sets too.

Cynthia Lee said...

oooh I love the earth tones set.