Sunday, March 1, 2009

Post Office Saturdays...

I was very happy to get my fabrics in the mail to the Netherlands for the "wishing it was spring" swap at Stitches and Scissors.

Yesterday the post office was very busy and since there are only two windows, the line snaked around the corner. I made it just under the wire as it was close to closing when I took my place behind 30 other people. The cost to ship the package was a bit confusing. There were 3 choices offered: $29.00 and a delivery date of 5 - 10 days or $27.oo for a delivery date of 6 - 10 days. The third choice was $5.50 - with a delivery date of 6 - 10 days. I just don't get how the USPS sets their prices and determines delivery times. With no change in delivery times - I opted for the $5.50 cost.

I won't post pictures of what I sent just yet - surprises are always best. Pictures will be added at a later date.

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