Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doll Challenge at Cloth and Clay...

A new doll challenge is brewing as part of the Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop. Voting is currently underway for the kind of challenge and the suggestions are great: Angel dolls, dolls based on nursery rhymes, anthropromorphic dolls, modest women, winter wonderland and so on.  There are many suggestions and all sound exciting.
I suggested the challenge be based on characters from children's stories.  This is the book I had in mind - wouldn't a doll based on one of the fabulous illustrations from Fern Bisel Peat be wonderful? As the images below show, some of her characters are drawn as doll-like to begin with. The doll I would make would have a cloth based with an application of paper clay and paint.  It would probably stand on a base.  Cannot wait to see whch challenge it will be.  If it is not the characters from books, I will have to find another subject. What fun !

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