Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Choices ...

It all began when I found Marisa Haedike's blog Creative Thursday. Marisa's colorful paintings and delightful characters along with her podcasts made me a frequent visitor. When she offered her first e-course 'life in the fish bowl' I signed up! This was the first in a series of Good Choices.

By taking Marisa Haedike's e-course, I learned more about the on-line world than I ever would have on my own. The class consists of weekly podcasts with a follow-up video that together provide advice, questions to ponder, her own experiences and lots of encouragement. Marisa is a successful artist and a natural teacher with a unique viewpoint and a desire to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Everyone has the option to share their own personal experiences in a safe and supportive environment. AND if they choose to share, you have the opportunity to get to know other bloggers and peek into their unique on-line world. It is all so exciting and supportive.

Yup, a Good Choice. Check in later this week for another Good Choice. Thanks for visiting.


rageagainstthebeans said...


thanks for the post. sounds like a great blog/course. since you share in the passion for flowers I thought you might be interested in Tanara's story:

her aha moment around her passion for flowers has become a finalist in the mutual of omaha, aha moment campaign. we're hoping her story about passion for flowers makes it and if enough people vote for her she'll become part of their 2010 ad campaign.

hope you like it.



Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

again Lois. thank you. It was so wonderful to get the chance to meet you and create with you in person.