Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fall Garden and a bit of SAW

I attended the Squam Art Workshops last week. It was my first time there and I am certain it will not be my last. There is alot to think about and process so I will keep that for another post.

In the meantime, fall is here and the cold nights are taking a toll on the flowers in the garden. They are still beautiful...just a bit tattered is all. I hope you enjoy them.

The variation in color and petal shape is amazing. It is always a surprise to see what comes from the seeds planted in spring.

A gorgeous bud that is so architectural in shape. I love the black outline.

The long thin spidery petals appeared this year. I don't remember these from any other year I have grown zinnias...but I love them.

This poor little zinnia is really fading.

This is a view of the underside of the flower below.

This flower has amazing color - this picture does not do it justice.

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