Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain...

This spring has been very rainy. We have only seen the sun for 7 out of the last 39 days. Today was one of those wonderful sunny days and some of the flowers in my garden shook off all the rain and just blossomed. Here are two of my favorites. The first photo is of Pink Canterbury Bells and the second is of large greenish-yellow day lily. These wonderfully resilient flowers are among my favorites and I wanted to share.

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As you can imagine, all this rain has kept us indoors on weekends. During a recent storm, as I worked on the doll for the Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop, my great little Quality Control expert examined my work.

Progress is also being made on the quilt for the Red Barn Quilt Along. All my stripes have been sewn and I am in the process of cutting them into blocks. I am enjoying this so much and slowly making progress.


Amy said...

Your quality control expert is adorable!! haha I like the code name, it sounds quite official. When mine inspects the fabric, I tend to refer to her as the brat. :)

The flowers are lovely, you make me feel slightly guilty for complaining about the insufferable Taiwan heat. Although it does make this poor Canadian wimp go into sleep mode!

Your quilt also looks intriguing, can't wait to see more... (I will email again soon.)

Christina Lowry said...

Ohhh, love the selection of fabrics in this quilt!
Thanks again for the gorgeous box of goodies I won in your giveaway!

I was wondering, do you know the name of the fabric you sent with the light and dark blue dots on the white background?

PS. You have quality control, I have a seasoned nap-er who like to curl up and sleep on anything I am working on. :)