Monday, May 18, 2009

New Orange Creamsicle Garden...

I've been thinking about this one spot in my yard and debating whether to add a new garden. So, I set it up with a wire sculpture chicken and a large box of flowers and lived with it for a few weeks just to get a feel for the position and how it would look.

Saturday was a beautiful day - warm, beautiful breeze, sunny with occasional clouds. I liked the spot and decided to go ahead and add a new garden. I also decided on a theme - Orange Creamsicle. As a child, I loved the color combination of this ice cream and sherbet more than the taste !

So I pulled out my pitch fork, spade and claw rake and began to dig !

It seemed like such a small spot, only about 6.5 ft long by 3 ft wide, but it took 7 hours to complete. When I began, my husband was working in the front yard, but he pitched in to get this done. Otherwise, I would probably still be there - digging away. Grass is sure alot of work to remove once it is established.

Here is how it looks now. I have orange pansy flowers in my wire chicken. The little butterfly bush on the end will grow to between 4 - 6 ft (depending on conditions) and about 2 ft around. It has gorgeous white blooms so it is right in line with my theme. At the beginning of June I will also seed the area with Orange King and Polar Bear zinnias.

If you are interested, I will be adding additonal pictures to my Orange Creamsicle Garden flickr page.

Now I hope to get back into the sewing room for some crafting fun. :-)

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