Friday, February 13, 2009

No one is home...

Hello - This is my second post to my blog. To the casual observer it probably appears nothing is going on here. Not so. I have agonized over so many things; is it ok to just add the blogs I like? or is it considered rude to add without asking. I have so much to learn.

I changed my template, resized my picture, changed the name of my blog, reworded my first post at least 10 times (I really need to relax about this). See? I've been busy.

Every few days I will add pics of my favorite things. Everyone has something they just love and it is fun to share. My first is The Shoes. Don't you just love them?

Unfortunately, I do not actually HAVE the shoes...just a pic. They were sold on eBay and the auction had already ended. I was too late. Otherwise they would have been mine! :-)
I plan to use the picture as inspiration for a fancy dress doll or lovely shoes for paper dolls.
That is all for today - hope to see you soon.

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Heleen said...

Hi, Just got a mail from stitches and sissors, we are swap partners!
please mail me and tell me about what fabric colours and style you like, greetings heleen